Local Government Ministry forms advocacy centre to fight COVID-19


Lusaka, January 10, 2021, ZANIS—The Ministry of Local Government has scaled up its COVID-19 fight through the formation of the COVID-19 advocacy center.

Ministry of Local Government Principle Engineer Richard Kangwa explained that the functions of the advocacy centre are being implemented by the Local Government Association of Zambia with guidance from the ministry.

Mr. Kangwa stated that the Ministry of Local Government is working hand in hand with the Ministry of Health to avert the further spread of the pandemic that has also caused shocks on the national economy.

He disclosed that some of the notable activities that are being executed by the advocacy centre include the clamping down on bars and nightclubs that are not abiding by the five golden rules on COVID-19 prevention.

The Principle Engineer was quick to mention that public sensitizations on the dangers of COVID-19 are ongoing and all the 116 local authorities are fully involved.

“We have scaled up the fight against COVID-19 since cases are escalating and we are getting guidance from the Ministry of Health. The Local Government Association is spearheading the fight with the guidance of the ministry and some bars and nightclubs owners who are erring are being punished in line with the existing laws,” he stressed.

And COVID-19 Advocacy Center Health Specialist Mukumbuta Nawa urged people to take COVID-19 prevention measures more seriously.

Dr. Nawa said it was worrying that people are comparing the impact of cholera to COVID-19, saying that both diseases are detrimental to the wheels of the economy and dangerous to the health of the people.

He emphasized that the Ministry of Local Government is taking the health belief model that focuses on the risk and severity of the coronavirus diseases.

The duo was speaking during the National Watch programme on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC’s) TV1 this afternoon.

Yesterday, Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya announced that Zambia documented the highest number of COVID-19 cases as the country recorded 1, 241 positive cases and 23 deaths out of 12, 383 tests done in the last 24 hours.

Dr. Chilufya disclosed that there are 191 patients currently receiving treatment in the health care facilities with 108 on oxygen therapy, while 193 people have been discharged.  

The minister indicated that the COVID-19 pandemic is now more severe with an increased number of patients requiring oxygen therapy and advanced medication.

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