Nearly 2,000 more to benefit from social cash transfer in Mpulungu


Mpulungu January 10, 2021, ZANIS—Government, through the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare, has resumed the disbursement of social cash transfer funds to beneficiaries in Mpulungu district.

And Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe has expressed happiness with the move to start paying beneficiaries in the district.

Mr. Sikazwe revealed that government has acquired funds from the World Bank to pay the beneficiaries.

He added that Mpulungu is among the eight districts in Northern Province which will have an increase in the number of beneficiaries from the programme.

The minister said Mpulungu, which currently has 7,840 beneficiaries, will have a total of 1,998 people added on the programme.

He stated that beneficiaries will receive the money in arrears and has since assured them of continued payments.

“This money has been made available because of the commitment of the government under the leadership of his Excellency President Edgar Lungu. People thought this cannot be possible because it never happened before and it looked like it cannot continue but because of government’s commitment, the programme has continued,” he explained.

Mr. Sikazwe added that, “the available funds will ensure that beneficiaries receive the transfers from March 2020 to December 2024”.

And beneficiaries have thanked government for considering Mpulungu to be among the districts that are receiving the funds.

Janet Komaki explained that poverty levels in Mpulungu had escalated since funding towards social cash transfer had reduced.

“Most of us depend on social cash transfer as a means of taking care of our families and for the past three years when the funds became slow, we have been suffering,” she said.

Ms. Komaki said the social cash transfer has enabled many beneficiaries to engage into small scale businesses which help them take care of their families.

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