Gwembe anticipates economic boom


Gwembe  district in Sothern Province  is poised for an economic boom resulting from various government interventions seeking to fully exploit the resource endowment.

District Commissioner, Timothy Siakaziba, says the government has created a conducive environment in Gwembe that is now attracting investors both local and foreign, to invest in energy and mining as well as fisheries on lake Kariba.

Mr. Siakaziba has disclosed that a number of investors have already been to the district to assess the investment opportunities with many of them indicating their readiness to invest in the area.

He told ZANIS in Gwembe that the valley district is endowed with vast deposits of core and that an investor is finalizing formalities to begin mining.

The District Commissioner said the investor has also shown willingness to partner with the government to upgrade the Chisekesi-Munyumbwe road to bituminous standard, saying once this is done the new road will open up the valley district to more development.   

Mr. Siakaziba also disclosed that a number of investors want to invest in fish farming on lake Kariba while others would like to invest in tourism along lake frontage.