FAZ disburses sponsorship money to clubs


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has disbursed K9 million to the 18 Super Division League teams as part of sponsorship funds from league sponsors MTN and SuperSport.

FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala said each of the 18 Super League Division teams have received K500, 000 as part of their K 1 million entitlement per season.

Kashala said the first batch of funding from MTN and SuperSport has since been transmitted to all the 18 super league teams.

“I am glad to announce that FAZ has disbursed K500, 000 to each of the 18 Super League teams that are entitled to K1 Million per season. The second batch will be disbursed once the sponsors avail the second component of the sponsorship,” said Kashala.

According to a press statement issued to ZANIS by FAZ Communications Manager Sydney Mungala , General Secretary Kashala said Division One clubs would soon receive the first batch of their K100, 000 support from their sponsors Eden University and Top Star.

FAZ said sponsorship funds to National Division One clubs have been increased from the previous K22, 000 to K100, 000.

Kashala explained that national division one clubs will receive K50, 000 from the first batch of the sponsorship funds with the remainder to be remitted once the second component is wired to FAZ.

The FAZ General Secretary assured that it will not relent in its crusade of transparently disbursing resources to its members.

“As you know transparency and accountability is one of our core values and we will always keep our doors open in the manner we conduct our business,” he said.

Both the FAZ/MTN Super League and FAZ/Eden University National Division One League have 18 members in each football tier.