SUN programme reaches 62 districts


The National Food and Nutrition Commission Executive Directive Musonda Mofu has expressed satisfaction with the expansion of the scaling up nutrition programme across the country.

Nutrition Commission Executive Director says it is gratifying that the programme has expanded to about 62 districts across the country, from the initial 11 districts.

Mr Mofu further explained that 45, out of the 62 districts that are currently running the programmes have been fully funded using resources obtained from cooperating partners.

Mr Mofu told ZANIS in an interview today that following the expansion of the programme in the various districts, severe malnutrition cases in the various health facilities dotted across the districts have reduced.

The Nutrition Commission expert has since called for strengthened community involvement, as well as collaboration from the traditional leadership, if the programme is to fully reach its intended target.

Meanwhile Mr Mofu has revealed that the country currently has few nutritionists and needs more than 3000 qualified nutritionists, to help beef up with rolling out of the programme.

He charged that currently, the country only has about 400 registered nutritionists working in the health facilities, adding that there is need for more stakeholders to engage in the course in order to boost the current capacity.

He however commended the health and nutritional personnel for efforts made towards ensuring that proper nutritional policy guidelines are followed during their line of duty.

He noted that though more still needs to be done in strengthening the policy framework, health facilities have continued to record positives among the malnourished children.

He noted that the commission hopes to achieve the world target with regards to improved nutrition levels by 2025, hence the need to ensure that the 45-million euro funding obtained, is utilised to its full capacity.

And the commission has called on stakeholders to come on board, and help actualize governments desire to improve nutrition levels in the country, through the heightened Scaling up nutrition programme in various rural communities countrywide.