DMMU offset arrears of workers in Lunga District


Government has released K1 million to pay local workers that are clearing water channels in Lunga district.

Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe disclosed that the money is meant to speed up the works of clearing the water channels.

Mr. Kabwe who is on a working visit in Luapula province was speaking when he called on Luapula Province Minister at his office this morning.

Mr Kabwe indicated that workers complained of not being paid for the work which resulted into delays of clearing the channels.

“The K1 million is already in the Province ready to be given to the workers. And now we do not expect works to be delayed,” he said.

And Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa has welcomed the quick response by DMMU to aid the people of Lunga district in the challenges they facing resulting from blocked water channels.

“Yes indeed the last two rainy seasons have been very challenging for our province, because even in areas where we anticipated not to have a problem we had floods and this year we are anticipating to have floods,” he said.

He observed that with the current rain patterns, water levels are expected to still raise up

“So we are grateful that you are here on time because you are going to help us for places like Lunga and places where we see we are going to have a challenge,” he said.

He noted that a lot of disaster problems have been reported in the province and the Permanent Secretary together with DMMU Regional Coordinator are already addressing the issues.

“With your support if we work together we believe we will overcome the flood and other unexpected disasters,” he stated.