Floods displace 185 Shacele families


At least 185 families of Shacele area in Shibuyunji district have been left homeless following flooding in the area.

This came to light when Shibuyunji District Commissioner Jairos Simukoko, together with the Shibuyunji District Disaster Management and Mitigation Committee toured Mainza village to examine the extent of the damage to houses.

Rosa Joseph, 65, a resident of Shacele, said floods started in early December 2020 and worsened this year.

Ms. Joseph has since appealed to government to address the challenge and said the affected people have no shelter at the moment.

“We have been left with nowhere to sleep, our fields where we grew our maize and other crops have been flooded,” she added. 

Another resident, Alice Malambo also appealed to government to quickly send relief food to avert the hunger situation.

“Right now we are moving aimlessly looking for where to settle because the whole village is flooded with water’” she said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Simukoko said the affected villages are Munenga, Mainza and Shacele. 

He said government is concerned about the well-being of the people hence will ensure that they are helped as quickly as possible.

He said the District Disaster Management and Mitigation team is already working out modalities to help the affected families. 

“Government is worried about the people in Shacele village and will find an alternative to resolve this situation,” he said.  Mr. Simukoko has meanwhile advised the flood victims not to reject the cholera vaccine which the Ministry of Health is currently administering in the district.