Govt/SEEDCO hold field day in Senanga


Senanga Acting District Commissioner Dr Likambi Kambinda has called on farmers in the district to utilize the seed varieties being provided by SEEDCO Company to boost the agriculture sector in Senanga.

Speaking during a Seedco field day at the Senanga correctional facility Demonstration plots, Dr Kambinda said the district has the potential to contribute to the food basket of the country thereby alleviating poverty.

SEEDCO Company partnered with Senanga correctional facility in planting demo plots for maize and soya beans and invited selected farmers to tour the fields as a way of promoting agriculture in the district.

Dr Kambinda stated that government under President Edgar Lungu is inclined to see social economic development across the country.

“For us to attain social economic development we need to ensure food security which is vital in attaining a strategy of alleviating poverty vulnerability in the district and country at large,” Dr Kambinda said.

“The trio- partnership of the Ministry of Agriculture, Senanga Correctional facility and Seedco Company is key to the poverty alleviation intervention,” The Acting District Commissioner added.

He further noted that using the variety of seed from Seedco Company has a double benefit of improved livelihood and health benefit of increased nutrition.

“Crops being planted such as Soya beans and yellow maize will have improved nutrition supplement to our people therefore reducing the disease burden caused by malnutrition. This will also boost productivity,” Dr Kambinda said.

“I am happy to learn that Seedco has brought a variety of seeds and crops that can be planted according to the environment and capabilities,” he said.

The Acting District Commissioner also noted that such activities are ensuring that the district is contributing to the national agenda of social economic development and reduced poverty.

Meanwhile, Seedco Agronomist, Bwacha Siangwelele said the demo plots are evidence that using Seedco seeds will contribute to the food security in the district.

“As a company we are bringing the right seed for the region and farmers should take advantage and use our seed that are certified for more good farming yields,” She stated.

Ms Siangwelele said the company in partnership with the local farmers will continue working together in fighting poverty through correct farming.

And Senanga District Agriculture Coordinator (DACO), Mukelabai Mwangala commended the company for helping set up demonstrations for a variety of maize and other crops this season.

“The production has always been low due to the lack of right varieties and with the coming of Seedco and farmers being able to learn there will be improved production,” Mr Mwangala said.

And speaking at the same event, Senanga Correctional facility Officer in charge Jonathan Mwiya said planting soya beans at the facility will help in formulating feed for the broiler chickens at the facility. Sergeant Mwiya said the program is also part of skills development for the inmates which will help them once released