Bumper harvest expected in Kasempa


Kasempa district in North-Western Province is forecasted to be food secure despite experiencing flash floods that affected some farming fields.  

This was disclosed during the District Disaster Management and Mitigation Committee (DDMMC) meeting today. 

Kasempa Dstrict Agricultural Coordinating Officer, Joseph Masuwa said the food security analysis revealed that the district will produce agricultural products enough for the local population. 

“The food security analysis is showing that Kasempa district is going to be food secure,” Mr Masuwa said. 

He said the findings from the crop forecast is indicating that the district is going to be food secure despite the rains damaging some maize fields. 

Meanwhile Kasempa District Commissioner, Phelosopher Chandamali expressed fear that if the rains continued the maize in the fields will be damaged. 

“Most farmers here in Kasempa plant Pannar 53, so if it continues to rain in April the maize might be rotten in the fields,” Mr Chandamali said. 

He added that farmers can only discover that their maize is rotten during the harvesting period. 

Mr Chandamali assured the victims of the flash floods that government will step in to assist them.