Kalumbila Town set to have ultra-modern bus station


Kalumbila town council in Northwestern province is set to construct the first ever ultra-modern bus station in the district at a cost of K5 million.

 Council public relations officer, Rose Samiselo disclosed the development to ZANIS in a statement today.

 “The estimated cost of the bus station project and all accompanying infrastructure is K5 million…the project is being implemented through locally generated funds,” she said.

 The project is expected to be completed within a period of 18 months once the works commence and will thereby help cushion several challenges facing the travelling public.

 “Currently the district has no designated bus station and having one will provide the travelling public with a conducive environment, disposal of waste will be properly managed and the bus station will provide a centralised point for loading and off-loading,” Ms Samiselo said.

 She said the bus station will have accompanying infrastructure such as shops, restaurants and financial services which will contribute to economic growth of the district through an increased revenue base for the local authority.

 “Other infrastructure will include a main waiting shed, banking building, restaurant building, luggage building, a council building, police post, five ticket booths, nine shops and six stalls.” Ms Samiselo added.

 The ultra-modern bus station will be able to accommodate 10 big buses, 12 small buses and 20 taxis at maximum capacity.

The K 5 million used on the project is part of government’s local government revolving fund given to councils throughout the country to carry out various social-economic activities for self –sustainability.