Luanshya gears up against Covid-19


Luanshya District has not recorded any cases of Covid-19 since the beginning of the second wave of the Coronavirus, District commissioner Patrick Maipambe has disclosed.

Mr Maipambe said despite the district not having recorded any cases, it was not spared from the dangers that the virus poses hence the need to heighten safety guidelines against the disease.

“Despite not recording any new cases we have not gone to sleep, since we are not spared from the dangers of the pandemic and we are doing everything possible to strengthen our safety guidelines against Covid-19 in all public places” he said

He further disclosed that the district had engaged all traders in markets to ensure that safety guidelines such as social distancing and the wearing of masks were strictly adhered to at all times.

He further called on all Luanshya residents to own the responsibility of guarding against the spread of the Coronavirus as it required a concerted effort by all stakeholders coupled with personal responsibility to win the fight against the world pandemic.

“We have extended our safety campaigns to the markets where we are asking all the traders to spread out and observe social distancing as well as mask up and put-up wash points in all entry points at all markets” Mr Maipambe explained.

Mr Maipambe further disclosed that he would meet all stakeholders in the education sector to discuss safety measures in schools ahead of the reopening of schools.

He noted that all schools should ensure that they prepared adequately for the return of pupils by setting up their classrooms and water reticulation in accordance with the outlined safety guidelines.

He said the district administration in coordination with the ministry of health and local authorities were working towards ensuring that the schools and all public places were adhering to provided Covid-19 safety guidelines.

And a trader at Zaone Market Grace Chola has thanked the government for reiterating the call on observing safety guidelines on Covid -19 in markets and other trading areas.

Mrs Chola said ” as traders we fear for our safety but we can not stay away from  business as it is our means of survival , but would like to appreciate the efforts that the government has put in place by constant reminders and ensuring strict adherence to safety measures” she said.

Another trader Anna Bowa indicated that the traders had also set up a committee tasked with ensuring safety measures were adhered to by both traders and members of the public visiting the markets at all times.

Zambia like any other country in the world has been hit by the second wave of the coronavirus, with an increased number of cases recorded and a call on adherence to safety measures.