5 year old boy kills 3 year girl


A five-year old boy of Ibrahim village in Nakonde District of Muchinga Province has accidentally hacked his three year old female cousin to death.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Lizzie Machina confirmed the incident that happened yesterday to ZANIS.

Ms Machina said the incident occurred when the two children were playing outside their home when the boy who was digging with a hoe on the ground accidentally made the hoe to bounce and hit the three year- old girl who was running towards him.

Ms Machana said the hoe hit on the girl’s head leaving her with a deep cut and was later rushed to Katozi health post in an unconscious state where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Ms Machina said police have since compiled a docket of case to enhance an inquest and a smooth disposition of the matter before court as the case was perpetrated by a child who is not liable for a criminal offence.

The Police Chief said the department of social welfare have been engaged to counsel the parents of the accused as well as the accused in order to solve the matter amicably within the family.

” I also want to take this opportunity to advise parents to always watch and take care of their children when they are playing and ensure that dangerous things such as hoes and medicines are far away from their reach,” the police Commissioner said.

Ms Machina added that it is sad that life has been lost in such an unfortunate manner which can be avoided if parents take extra care.