NCC disinfects schools in readiness for the reopening


The Ndola City Council (NCC) has fumigated 40 government and private schools in preparation for re-opening on February 1, this year.

NCC Public Relations Officer Febby Mwandama said the disinfection has been done as one of the measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in schools.

Ms. Mwandama said the council has partnered with the association of private schools to spray both private and public schools in the city to tighten the measures of preventing the second wave of Covid-19.

She noted that NCC Public Health Inspectors are happy with the support they have received so far from the association of private schools.

And NCC Director of Public Health Christopher Mtonga has called on other partners to work with the council to help extend the disinfection of public places.

“We are appealing to all stakeholders to come on board and render support in any possible way they can,” Mr. Mtonga said. 

He noted that the Ndola City Council health inspectors have also continued with fumigating markets, bus stations, shopping malls, the civic centre and government offices.

“The health inspectors have continued with compliance checks in various areas,” he said.

Mr. Mtonga added that the council is sensitizing the public on the importance of following the Covid-19 health guidelines.

He added that the local authority will continue monitoring adherence levels on the preventive measures and make sure all guidelines are followed.