Government urged to stem falling kwacha


Zambia Consumer Association (ZACA) Executive Secretary Juba Sakala, has appealed to government to devise measures to stem the free fall of the Kwacha which has affected consumers in the country.

Mr Sakala said the continuous fall of the local currency against the major international currencies has caused the domestic market to experience an increase in the prices of goods and services.

Mr Sakala said this is affecting the consumers and it is sad the poor are hard hit.

The executive secretary said that producers are setting prices of commodities according to the rate of the dollar which is affecting the prices on the market.

Mr Sakala noted that consumers are feeling the impact as the costs of the products are not stable. 

“Consumers can longer sustain their monthly budgets, if government works on the Kwacha, prices of essential commodities will go down,” he said.

He added that with the price of fuel on the market consumers are feeling the cumulative impact of the additional transport costs along with the supply chain that produces most goods.

“The impact on the consumers is too much, government needs to ensure the Kwacha stabilizes as soon as possible, prices of goods keeps on changing everyday” he said.

Mr Sakala said that consumers can no longer afford to get commodities in bulk due to the continuous increase in prices of essential commodities on the market.

Mr Sakala said the recent 2021 budget is an indication that government wants to ensure that the economy stabilizes.

He said if government stabilizes the economy the country will see a reduction in some commodities on the market.