North PF endorse President Lungu


The Patriotic Front (PF) Northern Province Mobilisation Committee has endorsed President Edgar Lungu as the presidential candidate in this year’s general elections.

PF Provincial Mobilization Committee Secretary, Everist Chellah said the committee and the PF Mungwi District Executive Committee are solely behind the candidature of President Lungu.

Mr Chellah stated that the province will only support the incumbent as they are aware of people within the party who want to challenge the President during the convention.

He has since advised anyone with the intention of challenging President Lungu to stop wasting their time as they will not receive any support from the party in the province.

“As a place where the party started from, we will not support any other candidate other than President Lungu and we are solely behind him,” he said.

He explained that the party in the province will support President Lungu as he has shown that he is a good leader looking at the many developmental projects his administration has delivered across the country.

“We are confident that we will win this year’s general elections because people still want the Head of State to continue being their president in order to foster development in the country,” said Mr Chellah.

Mr Chellah said this during a meeting which the Provincial Mobilisation Committee held with Mungwi district party officials in Mungwi.

Meanwhile, PF Provincial Mobilisation Coordinator, Jairos Tembo has urged PF members in Mungwi and the province to work together and grow the party ahead of the August general elections.

Mr Tembo said the party needs to continue showing love to one another so that it can be able to attract more members from opposition political parties.

“Just like in a home, you will be able to receive visitors when they know there is peace and love at home and you are welcoming. In the same way, when we show love to one another, we will be able to attract more opposition members to the party,” he said.

He observed that the party in Mungwi district has been facing serious problems because people have pledged loyalty to individuals and not the party.

“It is worrying when we come to hear that there are many camps that have been formed within the party. Others are supporting the incumbent MP, others are with the Council Chairperson while others are with aspiring candidates. This is not good and I am urging the newly elected district leadership to ensure that they bring this to an end. We do not want people to show loyalty to individuals but to the party,” he said.

Earlier, Mungwi Council Chairperson, Gift Lwembe appealed to party members to strictly follow the COVID-19 preventive measures as they conduct their party duties.

“COVID-19 is real so let us ensure that we mask up and maintain social distance as we carry out mobilization programmes,” he said.

He said there is need for the party to ensure that people are protected from the disease by ensuring that they strictly adhere to the health guidelines.

” We have registered in excess of over 70,000 voters and what we want is to ensure that we get as many as 65,000 votes but this will only happen if we protect the people from this disease and we ensure that they are safe” he said.