Mambwe district receives K1.6 million CDF


The Ministry of Local Government has released K1.6 million Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to Mambwe Town Council in Eastern Province.

Town Council Secretary, Henry Siwakwi has confirmed receiving the K1.6 million for the year 2019, which the local authority intends to use in implementing all the approved projects on a full scale by March 2021.

Mr Siwakwi said the funds will go towards the construction of various capital projects as well as funding various women and youth groups involved in goat, chicken, and pig rearing among other income generating activities.

“ K820,470 will go towards the construction of a police post in Nsefu Ward at the cost of K520,000, construction of Kaliyazi clinic in Msoro ward at the cost of K158,470 while  K140,000 will be used for constructing four boreholes, two each in Kasamanda and Nyakatokoli wards,” he explained.

He further said about K2,000 will be spent on fixing a water pump in Malama Ward.

Mr Siwakwi explained that the other remaining funds will go towards financing of 84 women and youth groups in 10 wards as well as administrative purposes.

“K661,410 has been allocated to various women and youth groups in the other remaining 10 wards namely Chikowa, Chipapa, Jumbe, Mphomwa, Kakumbi, Ncheka, Mdima, Malama, Mnkhanya, and Nyakatokoli wards,” he said.

Mr Siwakwi said all the funded CDF projects were recently approved by councillors during a full council meeting.

And commenting on why the Community Development Funds for 2019 are being received late, the Council Secretary said it is not guaranteed that the funds are expected to be given every year to the local authorities.