Cybercrime bill progressive-Fube


Chilubi Member of Parliament (MP), Mulenga Fube has questioned the motive behind political parties and organizations opposing the cyber security and cybercrimes bill.

Mr. Fube said the bill is a progressive one hence it should be embraced by all well- meaning Zambians.

He said the bill will protect innocent citizens from being abused through online platforms.

The Chilubi law maker said the motive behind the rejection of the bill by some sections of society is highly unsatisfactory.

“I think it is very shocking that any well-meaning person can oppose this bill which will help to create sanity in the use of online platforms,” he said.

Mr. Fube noted that even some developed countries have supported the enactment of the cyber security and cybercrimes bill.

He said it is only people with questionable characters that are fearing the enactment of the bill.

“I welcome the initiative by government because this move will protect persons including children against cybercrime,” he noted

Mr. Fube added that the move by government to regulate the cyber space will bring sanity to online platforms.