Zambia partner with EU to foster renewable energy


The Ministry of Energy in partnership with the European Union (EU) is developing a renewable energy resources strategy that will create awareness on the different sources of energy.

Ministry of Energy Principal Power Officer Michael  Mulasikwanda announced the partnership with the EU that will spearhead the  demonstration of alternative energy sources in the country.

Mr Mulasikwanda noted that focus will be on making demonstration on alternative energy such as wind, solar, geothermal and biomass energy.

ZANIS reports that Mr Mulasikwanda was speaking during a stakeholder’s meeting organized by Fast Fold Energy Solutions in Lusaka today.

“The biggest challenge the ministry has encountered is lack of knowledge and awareness of different energy sources,” he observed

 Mr Mulasilkwanda further said government has demonstrated interest in the use of other sources of energy by reducing energy products to zero rate prices on all imports.

He called for more use of solar technology especially in rural areas.

And First Aid Africa Chief Executive officer Luck Abraham commended Zambia for being the first country to have the largest mobile solar panel produced by the Scottish government on the African continent.

Mr Abraham noted that such demonstrates that Zambia is transitioning towards solar electricity to generate power for its people

“I am proud that Zambia is the first to have a mobile solar panel, the largest solar panel on the African continent. This could not be possible if  it was not for  the progressive  policies of the  Zambian  government,’’ he noted.

He expressed happiness that his organization will work with government departments to demonstrate alternatives sources of energy