Malama dismisses story on compensation for Covid-19 vaccine reactions


Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services Dr. Kennedy Malama has dismissed reports that there will be no compensation for any negative reaction to the Covid-19 vaccine.

 Reacting to a story published in the Times of Zambia dated Tuesday 20th April 2021 derived from his Sunday interview program on ZNBC 1 that his ministry announced compensation to any reaction, Dr Malama said that the story is not only erroneous but misleading to the public.

 He explained that the article fell short of going into details to explain what was alluded to during the interview that all matters of adverse events following immunization are looked at critically on a case-by-case basis with appropriate action taken.

The PS noted that at no time during the interview was it stated that any negative reaction to the vaccination will lead to compensation.

“Documented adverse events following immunization are explained to the clients before they are vaccinated and as part of the pharmacovigilance and monitoring measures, follow up and feedback information is routinely collected to address quality, safety and efficacy, “ , he said.

He further said side effects following immunization are due to a number of factors and are expected to varying degree hence such information is included on the manufacture’s leaflets accompanying the vaccines which is also used by healthcare workers as vaccines are being administered to the people.

Dr. Malama has assured the people that the COVID–19 vaccines have been recommended for Zambia including the AstraZeneca are safe, efficacious and suitable for the fight against the global pandemic.

He added that the Ministry of Health dissociates itself from the stated story.

This is according to a press statement issued to ZANIS by Dr. Malama in Lusaka.