Public, private sectors urged to aggressively embrace technology amid covid-19 pandemic


Chairperson of the Private sector Development Association Yussuf Dodia has urged both the Public and Private sectors to aggressively embrace technology to help mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 on the economy.

Mr. Dodia said this in an interview with ZANIS in Serenje adding that the two sectors need to be strategic in controlling the Covid-19 Pandemic to avoid an economic disaster in the country.

Mr. Dodia said since the Covid-19 is still with us the two sectors need to aggressively embrace technology to cushion its impact on the country’s economy.

“Covid -19 is something we have been struggling with hence the public and private sectors need to rethink new mechanisms to achieve the same results of how they will,  for example keep employees employed even though they will not turn up to the office,” he said.

Mr. Dodia said the sectors may discover that the new mechanisms may be more profitable than the old ones.

He said players in the private and public sectors need to be mindful that when a lot of people get infected with the virus and become sick, a lot of national resources that were supposed to go to economic development will go towards health care.