Former service chiefs mourn KK


Former Service Chiefs from the Zambia Army, Zambia National Service, Zambia Airforce and the Zambia Police Service have mourned late president Dr Kenneth David Kaunda.

Speaking on behalf of the former service chiefs, General Kingsley Chinkuli described the late former president as a very strong and charismatic person who contributed immensely to the liberation of Zambia and many other countries in the Southern African region.

General Chinkuli speaking after signing the book of condolences at the home of the late former president Kaunda at State Lodge in Lusaka today said the late statesman was motivated by his love and support to people regardless of colour or religion.

“He had a heart for many people and supported the downtrodden as well as many freedom fighters across the Southern region,” he said.

General Chinkuli recalled that after gaining independence Dr. Kaunda needed indigenous officers to serve in the Army and that is how he was appointed to serve as Army Commander in 1970.

“This was a very big decision for me and I received the appointment with humility. I took over from Tony Reed and I had to command the Army at a very young age. Dr. Kaunda believed in me and wanted more indigenous people to support the cause of the freedom fighters in the region,” he stated.

He narrated that his appointment brought various positive changes to the defense force such as the expansion of the Zambia Army, creation of the Zambia National Service, the introduction of home guards and cadets in schools.

General Chinkuli noted that Zambia was protected and the citizens begun enjoying a better and peaceful life.

He added that Dr. Kaunda put in place a very effective foreign policy across the World.

“He ensure that only the experiences diplomats were deployed to the missions abroad who served the country and implemented the beliefs and values S well as sharing the struggles the country was still facing,” he said.

He further stated that Dr. Kaunda became the number one diplomat to protect Zambia from unwanted attacks.

General Chinkuli said the late played a huge role in freeing Southern Africa from colonialism.

He has since called in Zambians to emulate his life and show love and peace to one another.

Among the former Service Chiefs present included General Nobby Simbeye, General Isaac Chisuzi, Lt col Samuel Malala, Raphael Chisheta, General Solomon Mumbi, General Zunga Siakalima among others.

Dr. Kenneth Kaunda passed away on the 17th of June at Maina Soko Hospital in Lusaka.