Govt considers resuming funding Vubwi water reticulation project – Kalusa

Government has expressed commitment to resuming an over K 1, 2 million water reticulation project in Vubwi district for improved sanitation in the area.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation Permanent Secretary, Joe Kalusa assured that government will see the project through, as funds are now available.

“We are hands on, there is no stalling, we have money so there is no stalling,” Mr Kalusa said.

This follows public outcry that the water project, which is supposed to supply clean water to 20 garden taps around Vubwi business centre was slowly becoming a white elephant.

Contrary to concerns, Mr Kalusa indicated that government is in the process of terminating the contract agreement with Zambezi Drilling following its suspension in January this year.

“Now what is remaining is to do the formalities into terminating the contractual agreement and thereafter we find somebody else to complete the works, “he said.

The Permanent Secretary stated that government would not attract litigations from the cancellation of the contract as the contractor was in breach.

“There is no suing in this matter. We agreed and our colleagues have not lived up to the agreement terms,” Mr kalusa said.

He added: “Whether they went to court or didn’t go to court, even in the court we will have to face them, the issue is that they have not performed, they have not delivered.”

However, Zambezi Drilling and Exploration Limited General Manager, Rama Prasad said the company still awaits response from the ministry after having submitted to rectify perceived errors.

“We have given a submission to the PS, we can go back, whatever problem is there we are going to rectify,” he said.

The company manager further expressed concern over the safety of company equipment stating he feared the equipment could be stolen during the period of waiting.

“My equipment is still there, it may be stolen, we don’t know, we would lose a lot of money again,” Mr Prasad said.

The project was suspended in January this year by the Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation, owing to perceived shoddy works by the contractor.

When completed, the over K1.268 million project would be the first of its kind in the district as the area still grapples with water and Sanitation problems.

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