Govt to address delays in paying SCT in Kitwe- DC

Kitwe District Commissioner, Lawrence Mwanza has urged social cash beneficiaries in the district that government is working on challenges that has led to delays in paying them.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Kitwe today, Mr. Mwanza said the delay has been caused by the changes in the disbursement system which he said will be resolved soon.

He has since called for patience among beneficiaries of the funds further promising that all the challenges will be resolve soon.

”The managers of the funds under the Department of Social Welfare are currently working on implementing the new e-transfer system of funds to beneficiaries using mobile money transactions as such the problem will soon be addressed and the beneficiaries will receive the money,” He said

The District Commissioner explained that the shift from the old system is aimed at ensuring a transparent process.

He the beneficiaries against accusing the social Welfare officers of stealing as the money no one was stealing their money.

Mr. Mwanza was responding to complaints by some Social Cash Transfer beneficiaries who complained that their rations has been delayed by over 6 week as officers at the Department of social welfare keep telling them to wait.

He further stated that government will soon increase the number of beneficiaries of the social cash transfer in an effort to reduce poverty among the aged and vulnerable in society.

And Mr. has urged Zambians to stick to the old family values by supporting their aged parents so that the elderly do not become destitute in the absence of the Social Cash scheme.

He noted that it was unfair for people that are in formal employment or doing well to neglect their vulnerable parents.

The Social Cash Transfer beneficiaries in Kitwe have been complaining of non-payment of their funds for over 6 weeks as some are accusing the social welfare officers of stealing their money.

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