Kazungula on target with COVID vaccine exercise

Kazungula district in Southern province, is on record for managing to meet its target to vaccinate over fifty percent residents during the initial 10 days COVID-19 vaccination campaign period from the recent launch countrywide.

This is against the intended target of 70 percent total vaccination that the district had anticipated to achieve during the 10 day campaign period.

Government has extended the COVID-19 vaccination period by five days, with the latest deadline now falling on May 30th, 2022.

ZANIS reports that District Health Promotional Officer, Angelina Mungole, disclosed this at a COVID-19 review meeting held in Kazungula.

“I therefore, urge this technical health working group members to continue sensitizing the public  at places of work, homes and in various places you find yourselves so that the numbers of community members who are vaccinated increases,” Mrs. Mungole said.

Mrs. Mungole was also quick to mention that five more days was added for the vaccination campaign exercise and will now continue up to Monday May 30, 2022.

She added that the country is anticipating the fifth wave, which might be more deadly, compared to the previous waves.

She urged everyone to remain alert and continue masking up and following the Ministry of Health’s preventive measures.

Mrs. Mungole told the gathering that the district is however, hoping to vaccinate the remaining 20 percent by June, 2022, in order to arrive at the targeted 70 percent vaccination mark for the district.

At the same meeting, District Commissioner Elias Siamibila urged the district health office to continue engaging people and sensitize the community members if the district target is to be achieved.

He mentioned that ward councilors for instance can do wonders in sensitizing its people in various wards when it comes to such undertakings.

Mr. Siamibila said councilors working together with health officials at health centres can play an important role in convincing the community members to go for COVID-19 vaccinations.

“Everyone given the responsibility at health centres to mobilize and sensitize people should perform accordingly. If they fail to perform, they should be queried and explain the reasons why they have failed to perform,” Mr. Siamibila said.

The District Commissioner also encouraged the health technical working group members to also  play their role, by dispelling the myth associated with COVID-19 vaccination to members of the public so that people can turn out in large numbers to go for vaccination.

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