Govt puts up measures on child education in Early Childhood Education

Government  says it  has put in place good measures to mode a child in Early Childhood Education across the country.

Kasama District Board Secretary (DEBS) says Kasama ECE’s centres , for example are receiving own funding to improve in the learning environment of the children.

Mr. Chipili who admitted to a shortfall of ECE’s teachers in the district, said, it will soon be resolved under the current teacher recruiting process being undertaken.

speaking this during a Media network for children’s rights and development meeting held at Walukondo Lodge recently, the DEBS also acknowledged the lack essential facilities in some schools such as play parks,  and toilets among other needs for the Learners.

And speaking at the same meeting, Media Network for children’s rights and development facilitator lreen Zulu who was flanked by Brian Moyowanyambe urged the participants to closely monitor the Provincial Education Office to ensure that a good learning environment is maintained in ECE’s centres in the district.

Kasama district has currently 74 ECE’s centres out of the expected 94 and manned by 15 ECE trained teachers.

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