Poultry farmers empowered

Small-Scale poultry farmers in Samfya district in Luapula Province have commended Farm Depot and NOVATEK for educating them on chicken rearing.

Rosemary Mwansa, a Small-Scale poultry farmer of Chipushi area in Samfya says the training of small scale poultry farmers in the district will go a long way in ensuring that production is boosted with minimal losses.

ZANIS reports that Mrs. Mwansa explained that farmers used to blame suppliers for their loss, without realizing that they were applying wrong methods of rearing chickens.

She added that since the small-scale poultry farmers have been educated on the right methods to use in rearing chickens, they will now be able to make profits in their business.

“It is a good move that poultry farmers in the area have been trained on how to rear chickens, I am hoping that farmers will start making a profit in their poultry business.” She added.

And Farm Deport Technical Advisor Kelvin Swana noted that the poultry business is profitable, if right methods are used.

He has however, encouraged the poultry farmers to make use of the information in order for them to achieve their success in the poultry business, saying the business is profitable.

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