BuyZed calls for creation of agriculture economic zones

BuyZed proprietor, Evans Ngoma has called on government to create Agriculture Economic Zones in areas with high potential agricultural commodities. 

Mr Ngoma says establishing Agriculture Economic Zones will help mapping crop production and balance crop supply with market demand. 

He said economic zones will also ensure increased production and secure market reflective prices for crops in respective zones. 

Speaking to ZANIS this morning in Lundazi district, Mr Ngoma noted that mapping of produce will also invite investments focus on sustainable production as each region would be set for specific crop production based on soil type among others. 

He stated that there are crops such as soybeans and groundnuts which could be mapped into specific districts where it is highly produced, citing Lumezi, Chama, Chasefu, and Lundazi.  

“Mapping agriculture produce with potential location is expected to mitigate variations in crop price and production among others,” he said. 

Mr Ngoma also appealed to government to improve road network along the Chipata-Lundazi road, via Chama to Matumbo road.  

He said that roads serve as a driving force towards economic development as they connect productive areas to markets and attract investment sector. 

And a local farm in Lundazi district has commended Buy Zed campaign for creating 10 cooperatives in the district. 

Nkowani Mtonga stated that formation of cooperatives has motivated farmers in growing local crops that will be used for value addition. 

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