Govt creating resilient health systems to counteract disease outbreaks – Masebo

Minister of Health, Sylvia Masebo says government is creating resilient systems that will withstand emergencies and disease outbreaks.

Ms. Masebo noted that there is a need to develop a healthcare system which will protect the Zambian citizens regardless of the disease.   

Speaking during the Czech Solutions for Zambian Healthcare Workshop, the Health Minister noted that the country is exploring ways Government and the Czech Republic can build a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Ms. Masebo said the health facilities required that government enhance their function with modern equipment and technologies.

She added that well-functioning equipment is key to creating a strong and resilient healthcare delivery system.

The Minister noted that infrastructure and equipment need rehabilitation and construction across the country.

She said the replacing of critical medical equipment will enable health personnel to perform their duties in a safe and conducive environment.

Ms. Masebo added that lack of addressing the health challenge will pose a negative impact on the quality of healthcare for the citizens.

She stated that there is a need to invest in health delivery systems such as health infrastructure, and modern medical equipment among others.

And Czech Republic Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Martin Tlapa said that his country will partner with Zambia to facilitate projects that will enhance relations and businesses.

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