USA  happy with governments’ zeal in fighting corruption – USAID

The United States government says they will continue supporting Zambia because of the zeal it has exhibited in fighting corruption.

USAID Administrator Samantha Power said President Joseph Biden is encouraged by the commitment the new government has shown in the fight against corruption.

Ms Power added that this commitment has given the US government confidence to investment more in Zambia because they are guaranteed that there funds will not be misappropriated.

ZANIS reports that the Administrator said when she held a round table meeting with journalists from different media institutions at Southern Sun hotel.

“President Biden has always been talking about Zambia and how president Hakainde has stood strong in the fight against corruption and this has encouraged him so much.” Ms Power said.

She observed that even after inheriting huge debt from the previous government, president Hakainde Hichilema has been seen trying to cover out that gap.

Ms Power noted that apart from that, the US government has also seen great potential in Zambia were food and manufacturing of product is concerned.

She added that it is for this reason that US has decided to inject funds in Zambia for different sectors so that production can increase, and attract global market.

Ms Power noted that there is huge market out there and if Zambia is supported a lot can benefit and spur economic development for the country.

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