Show goers praise ZITF entertainment in Ndola

how goers at the ongoing Zambia International Trade Fair (ZITF) have commended management for lining up a balanced entertainment package. 

ZANIS Ndola reports that the showgoers are happy with the entertainment package that is in place at this year’s International trade fair.

One show goer, Mr Isaac Mbangweta, observed that the mixture of cultural dances, martial arts displays, motor bike displays, as well as performances by local musicians has balanced up the entertainment package for the different age groups of show goers.

“ZITF management have balanced up the entertainment so well. It’s catering for all age groups. We have seen cultural dances obviously for the older generation while current musicians such as the likes of Afunika and Chanda na Kay are also here to entertain younger show goers,” he said. 

Lucy Nakawala, another show goer said she was particularly happy that the entertainment package also included gospel music.

She added that management did well to include gospels musicians because some show goers are Christians that are skeptical about listening to circular music.

“It’s good that they included gospel music because there are Christians like me that do not dance to other types of music apart from gospel,” she said.

This year’s International Trade Fair is being commemorated under the theme “Promoting value addition for sustainable growth.”

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