Named company conducting illegal mining

The  Mbala District Administration has unearthed a scam involving which a named company is conducting illegal mining activities in Chalamanga area in the district.

Mbala District Commissioner Annie Paul, who visited the area in the company of Mbala Mayor, Mulenga Sinyangwe expressed disappointment to learn that the company is illegally mining quartz stones in the area without a mining license.

ZANIS reports that, the District Commissioner has since directed the company which has been identified as Build Trust Company (BTC) to halt all mining activities.

Mrs. Paul said the company’s top management should first clarify its operational license before commencing any mining activity.

And Jones Meyer, the person who was found on-site supervising the mining works said the company moved in about 2 months ago

Mr. Meyer, however, said serious mining started only some two weeks ago.

Mbala and Senga Districts in Northern Province had in the past witnessed a number of illegal mining activities by different groups and individuals.

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