Relocating Mobile Booths aimed at bringing sanity-Nkombo

Government has disclosed that the relocation of Mobile Money Booth operators is aimed at bringing sanity and order in the Central Business District (CBD).

Minister of Local Government and Urban Development, Gary Nkombo says the relocation of Mobile Money Booths Operators to the Main Post Office all the way up to Findenco House is aimed at creating sanity in the CBD because the Mobile Money Booths were not established in designated places.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka today, Mr. Nkombo indicated that the exercise is aimed at harmonizing the database at Lusaka City Council in order to ensure that revenue goes to the right office.

He noted that some cartels were collecting money from the operators instead of the council.

Mr. Nkombo stated that the exercise came to effect after about 12 months of consultation with Mobile Money Operators’ representatives on how best the sanity can be restored in the CBC.

‘’We just want to bring sanity to the city and ensure that the operators are working in a conducive environment and have a place to relieve themselves because public health is important.

The money lane will now be between the Main Post Office all the way up to Findenco house. We just want to standardize the booth outlook and the design of the booth has already been discussed,’’ he said.

Mr. Nkombo called on the general citizenry to buy into the agenda of the government’s efforts to bring sanity in the city to ensure public health.

‘’We discovered that the operators have nowhere to relieve themselves, so this calls for the construction of more public toilets to ensure that they have a place to help themselves,’’ he said.

And Mobile Money Operators Representative, Pamela Pio stated that Airtel, MTN and Zamtel limited are collaborating and working closely with the government as well as the Lusaka City Council to ensure that they assist with the relocation of booths.

‘’We recognize the importance of keeping our city clean so this is really the support that we are  undertaking  and will continue to have consultative meetings on how the exercise will be implemented,’’ she said.

Meanwhile Lusaka Mayor, Chilando Chitangala assured booth operators that even if they are relocated, they will  still have alternative spaces for them to continue with their business.

‘’We are with you in this. We need you to understand that the business we have right now is to make the city clean. We just want to bring sanity to the city. We are also concerned with the public health of the city.” said Chitangala.

And Special Assistant to the President Anthony Bwalya stated that President Hakainde Hichilema prioritizes the economic works of the people and supports financial inclusion of all the citizens

Mr. Bwalya, however said that the quest of the government is to ensure that everything in society functions in an orderly manner.

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