Obasanjo, Johnson, Koroma honored

President Hakainde Hichilema has thanked former Presidents of Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, for their contribution towards the promotion of peace and stability in Africa.

President Hakainde Hichilema has thanked former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of Liberia, Ellen Sirleaf Johnson and former President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma for their contribution towards the promotion of peace and stability in Africa.

President Hichilema stated that the commitment shown by the three former Presidents to serve the continent diligently for the greater good of the African countries and humanity is highly commendable.

He said the three former Presidents have also set a good example for African leaders who are currently serving as Heads of State.

The President said during a Special Investiture ceremony held at State House to honor and award Olusegun Obasanjo, Ellen Sirleaf Johnson and Ernest Bai Koroma with the first division of the Order of the First Eagle of Zambia in recognition for their service to their respective countries and the African Continent.   

The President also commended the three former African leaders for serving the people of Africa after their retirement.

He said their efforts to promote peace, security and stability in Africa has helped a lot of countries in the continent to enhance their social and economic development.   

“I thank the three recipients for the effort they have put in to promote peace, stability and security. These three are vital for the future of individual African countries and regions. Without these, it is impossible to meaningfully attain social and economic development,” He said.

President Hichilema said government recognises the significance of networking with other countries as demonstrated by its engagement with other countries to address the country’s debt resolution and rebuilding the country’s economy.

And Former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo thanked President Hichilema and the people of Zambia for honoring him and his two counterparts.

Mr. Obasanjo said the awards have encouraged him and the two former Presidents to do more for Africa.

He assured the country and the continent that he and other former  Presidents will continue making efforts to do what is best for Africa.

Meanwhile, Former Liberian President, Ellen Sirleaf Johnson who received her award virtually congratulated President Hichilema for his victory in the 2021 presidential elections.

She pledged the support of Former African Presidents towards promoting development in the country.

“You have our commitment and efforts to promote the development of Zambia in line with your vision and strategies,” She said.

Ms. Johnson also commended Vice President Mutale Nalumango who was present at the ceremony for bringing honor to women in Africa.  

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