Skeleton remains of unidentified person discovered in Kaoma

Villagers in Luyanti area of Kaoma District have discovered remains of unidentified person suspected to have died through ritual killings.

The remains were discovered about 500 kilometers away from Luyanti School in a nearby bush by pupils on their way to school.

Luyanti Ward Councillor Manly Kwala confirmed the sad development which happened on Monday morning to ZANIS today.

Mr Kwala disclosed only a skeleton was found with missing legs and hands a development that made community members suspect ritual killing.

He said the remains have since been buried and no family has so far come forth to claim.

The matter has been reported to police awaiting for their action.

“A human skeleton was discovered by children on Monday as they were going to school in the morning, the flesh is believed to have been eaten by hyenas, I reported the matter to police and we are waiting for them to act and villagers have not yet identified the remains,” Councillors Kwala explained.

This is the second body to have been found in a similar condition in Luyanti area this year alone first one been in March.

The Ward Councillor said people are living in fear and has since called on them to be vigilant and report any suspicious looking individuals to law enforcement officers if the vice is to be curbed.