Mulyata assures of govt zeal to improve people’s lives

Rufunsa constituency Member of Parliament Sheal Mulyata says government is determined to ensure that the welfare of the people is improved in the next five years.

Mrs Mulyata who is also Lusaka Province Minister said this is being exhibited through the delivery of some of the campaign promises such as the recruitment of teacher and health workers.

The Rufunsa constituency law maker said when she handed over 110 pockets of cement and two refrigerators donated by Mwachilele  ward councillor Basil Belemu and two fridges and materials  wiring materials from Geonsi engineering limited to Mwachilele school and rural health post 

 Mrs Mulyata also appealed to the people in her constituency to be patient with the government as it delivers on the promises made in the campaigns before the elections last year.

“Development of all sectors cannot be achieved at the same time, government should be given time to deliver because it is committed to do so,” she said.

She also stressed government’s commitment to providing an enabling environment for the business  community to flourish.

She commended the councillor and Geonsi engineering for the corporate social responsibility and urged other organisations and ward councillors to emulate the move.

Mrs Mulyata also donated blankets and assorted materials to people in the ward.

Mwachilele school head teacher Phillip Mutelo said the school which was built in 1960 only has seven classroom to cater for a population of 650 pupils ranging from Early Childhood to grade seven.

Mr Mutelo said there was need to expand the school to be have adequate classroom space.

He also noted t that though the area is connected to the national power grid, the school is not yet connected and depends on a generator when conducting ICT lessons 

He stated that there is urgent need to connect the school to power because the use of the generator is expensive and not sustainable.

The head teacher also noted that Mwachilele school is the only government school in the area and that pupils have to cover a maximum of 11 Kilometers which he said may lead some pupils especially the girls to dropout.

“It will be difficult to implement the ‘Keeping girls in school policy, as the distance becomes unbearable for many,” he said.

And District Health Director Angel Mubanga said Mwachilele rural health post does not have labour ward, a situation which he said is not conducive for mothers and caregivers.

Dr Mubanga also used the occasion to encourage residents to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and contribute to the country’s 70 percent target in reducing the infection of the disease.