Coffin ‘ boycotts ‘ burial in Chibombo Town

The trend of coffins refusing burial seems to increase with the latest one being in Chibombo Town of Central Province.

The country has in the recent past recorded similar episodes starting with Milenge District in Luapula Province, Luano in Central Province and Mazabuka in Southern province.  

In the latest  incident, a coffin reportedly refused to be buried in Kabambi Village of Mungule Chiefdom in Chibombo District of Central Province.

ZANIS reports that Village Headman Chipali, Sylvester Machina in an interview confirmed that mourners were shocked when the coffin refused to be put on the vehicle ahead of burial.

Instead the coffin then dragged the poll bearers to Village Headman Kabambi’s residence,  about two kilometers away, where it hit the door to the house opened it and rested on the mattress.

“We were supposed to go and bury this morning. Surprisingly the coffin refused to be put in the vehicle but started going round dragging the poll bearers to village headman Kabambi’s house where it rested on the mattress.

Stating that the bizarre incident attracted several villagers in the area ,  Mr. Machina  narrated that when the coffin started directing the poll bearers towards the said headman’s house where it is resting on his bed.

He disclosed that Village Headman Kabambi , who is allegedly out attending another funeral in the nearby Lubinga Village in Mungule Chiefdom, assured him on the telephone that he will return to sort out the matter.

“Village Headman Kabambi picked the phone call from Lusaka and has been informed about the situation back home. He has promised that he will return back with police officers,” he said.

Mathews Mwakapandula, in his late 40s, of Kabambi village, is alleged to have died a mysterious death in the early house of Saturday.   

Meanwhile, one of the eyewitnesses who sought anonymity explained that the drama started around 10: 00 hours when the coffin refused to be put in the vehicle.

“People were shocked when poll bearers were trying to put the coffin in the vehicle, the cover flipped open and it started dragging them, going in circles.

“  When it reached Village Headman Kabambi it hit the door open and went and rest of the mattress. Right now the coffin is on the mattress and scores of mourners have gathered at the Village headman’s residence about two kilometers from the funeral house,” the eyewitness said.

The eyewitness said Village Headman Kabambi allegedly left his home for Chilundu today thereby raising suspicions among the community especially after what has transpired thereafter.