WARMA advised to come up with a mechanism on water harvest

Government  has advised the Water Resource Management Agency (WARMA) to come up with a mechanism of harvesting water resulting from floods.

CENTRAL Province Permanent Secretary Milner Mwanakampwe  says WARMA  apart from carrying out its statutory obligation of regulation of water usage must also control the excess water from going To waste.

ZANIS reports that Mr Mwanakampwe said this during a meeting with the WARMA Board at his office, yesterday.

“ We come from one excess were we are crying of floods to another excess were we are crying of no water, that paradox ought to be solved,” he said.

The Permanent Secretary observed that most of the water that comes as a result of floods just goes to Kafue and the ocean when infact  the country needs more of it.  

WARMA Vice Board Chairperson  Elestina Mwelwa  says they are in the province to interact with water users and check on the compliance levels of usage following the expiry of amnesty.

“The Lunsemfwa catchment we are visiting  has two major users, the farmers that means food and the hydropower sector which means energy but we need both without forgetting the local people who also need water for survival,” said Dr. Mwelwa.

She disclosed that the water resources assessment  conducted last year revealed a number of challenges the water users were facing some of which bordered on illegalities.

The Board Vice Chairperson  added that  the New Dawn government gave a 90-day amnesty  to control the water usage