Police arrest two people for theft of ZESCO cables

Police in Kapiri Mposhi have arrested two people for vandalizing and stealing ZESCO power cable installations.

The two were arrested for exhuming about 22 meters of 11 KV armored cable  and 20 meters of a 70 mm armored ZESCO cable connected from the transformer to the medium voltage line in KGP Compound altogether worth over K 23,000.

Central Province police Acting Commanding Officer, Dennis Moola has confirmed the development to ZANIS which occurred around 01:00 hours on August 7, 2022 causing a power blackout in the area.

Mr Moola identified the suspects as Jedrick Mulenga, 20 and Harrison Chilimbo, 25 both of Chipulukusu compound in Ndola. 

Mr Moola stated that the suspects were arrested by a combined team of state and ZESCO police officers in an operation.

“Daniel Musonda of a ZESCO employee reported that about 20 meters in length of 70 mm squared by 4 core armored ZESCO cable which was connected from the transformer number 118 to the medium voltage (MV) line facing South wards and also 22 meters in length of 185 mm squared by 4 core armored ZESCO cable were vandalized, cut and stolen. Two suspects have been picked and charged in connection with the case,” Mr Moola said.

The suspects will appear in court soon.

Meanwhile, Mr Moola has called on members of the general public to be on the lookout and report cases of vandalism on ZESCO and other public installations.

“These installations are public goods and the public should be alert and protect them from vandals if they need to get intended benefits from them,” Mr Moola said.