Climate change affects Chongwe

A civic leader in Chongwe district has bemoaned the effects of climate change that has rocked the district.

He noted that climate change has continued to impact the district negatively as most of the streams have dried up.

Chongwe Town Clerk, Damson Mukwato said that 80 percent of the district’s population depends on farming activities adding that production has gone down adding that there is a need to sensitize community members on the dangers of cutting down trees as it has contributed to climate change.

District Forestry Technician, Doreen Nsalange noted that the effects of climate change are evident in the district.

Ms. Nsalange said  the most affected are the underprivileged rural communities who depend on rain fed agriculture.

She said that climate change has contributed to low income generation as most of the farmers are not able to produce as expected.

 Ms. Nsalange added that charcoal production has also contributed as it is rampant and has led to deforestation.

“Chongwe is closer to Lusaka, and it  transports more charcoal to Lusaka because of high demand, hence making deforestation high in the district” she said.

Ms. Nsalange pointed out that agricultural expansion and human settlement are the major contributing factors to climate change.

She noted that the forest department has embarked on tree planting to mitigate deforestation.

Ms. Nsalange further called on stakeholders to come on board and sensitize the community members on the effects of deforestation.

Meanwhile Chongwe District Agricultural Coordinator John Lungu said the district has recorded a decrease in crop yield as a result of climate change.

Mr. Lungu added that the 2021-2022 farming season was characterized with poor rainfall leading to poor harvest.

‘’Climate change has affected animal health as well as the levels of production have gone down because of low water levels in the district.

He added that the district is working with stakeholders such as UNDP in sensitizing farmers on conservation farming among others.