Five arrested for possession of explosives in Mushindamo

Police in Mushindamo have arrested five people found in possession of three dynamite explosives at Kafwasa area along the Kafue (Lwenge) river. 

North-Western Province Deputy Commanding Officer, Robison Moonga confirmed to ZANIS today that the incidence occurred on Tuesday and was reported to police by the village headman around 16:50 hours the same day. 

Mr Moonga said out of the five arrested, four were caught by fishermen that rushed to the scene after they discovered three dynamite explosives which were buried in the ground. 

He said a group of fishermen head a loud bang as they were fishing which prompted them to go and verify the cause. 

“Brief facts are that a group of fishermen were fishing in the said river and whilst fishing they heard a bang sound which made them to be suspicious. They therefore, made efforts to establish what could have caused the bang. 

“By moving along the river, they did find four male persons who were seated along the river, upon searching where they were seated 03 explosives were discovered  in a freshly dung hole in the ground,” Mr Moonga said. 

He identified the suspects as Alex Mwenya, aged 36, Malone Chiserwa aged 29, Mulenga Kasongo, 30, Mwansa Mumba, 45, Jeremiah Mweemba aged 58 years. 

He the dynamites are in police custody as investigations in the matter continue.