Zambezi River source, critical national heritage – Sikumba

Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Rodney Sikumba says the Zambezi source is one of the critical national heritage sites that needs to be protected.

Mr Sikumba says the tourism sector has the potential to create thousands of jobs and change the face of the region by creating employment for the youths.

He said that it is the government’s priority to work on the access road leading to the Zambezi source in Ikelenga as it is one of a critical national heritage site that needs to be accessed and given proper product development for tourism attraction.

“Government is aware of the importance of site and how the river benefits several other countries as it flows downstream to the Indian Ocean and that there is need it developed, guarded and managed in line of plan of national Heritage sites are put in place,” the Minister  said.

And North Western Province Minister, Robert Lihefu has called for infrastructure development in the north western region such as roads to enhance development through tourism.

“The region is the source of one of Africa’s longest rivers but is very difficult to access due to poor infrastructure development,” Mr Lihefu said.

The Provincial Minister was speaking when a team of Ministers which included the Minister of Finance, Minister of Tourism and Minister of Water Development among others visited the province to appreciate the tourist destination in the province.

And a rancher from Ikelengi district, Peter Fischer has called for the engagement of young people in the tourism sector and game management to boost their livelihood.

This is according to a statement made available to ZANIS by the Ministry Public Relations Officer,  Sakabilo Kalembwe  in Lusaka today.