HH assures unemployed youths

President Hakainde Hichilema has advised unselected applicants in the recently conducted recruitment of teachers and health workers to be a little more patient as they wait for their turn.

President Hichilema says his administration is working towards boosting the private sector  to create more jobs for more people in the private sector as well.

He has assured Zambians that his administration remains committed to ensure that the transparency that was displayed in the recruitment process will be normal,  going forward.

Speaking during a luncheon he hosted for some beneficiaries of government policies and initiatives, the Head of State thanked the people of Zambia for voting him into power.

He urged all Zambians to fight corruption so that funds are used for the right purposes such as free education and job creation.

“My encouragement to those that didn’t get teaching jobs, because we had such a huge backlog, who didn’t get nothing, the paramedics or docs.

“ Our intention is to expand the economy. To  create not just public sector jobs but to facilitate private sector jobs. Those should be the majority of jobs. So don’t lose hope and continue, tomorrow it will be you,

“This is why we must fight corruption, so that money that is being taken by a small number can be left in the public kitting and support more of our children like her children and many others. That is the connection to preserving public resources” he said.

Meanwhile, Catherine Chilufya, a parent who is a beneficiary of free education has thanked Government for introducing free education, stating that it has enabled her to take all her children to school and give them an opportunity to get an education.

And Diana Zulu, a newly recruited nurse in Western Province says she is grateful that after she applied for the job she got selected without solicitation.

Ms Zulu thanked the President for ensuring that people from different walks of life and regions are given equal opportunities to employment.

And marketeers, bus drivers and taxi drivers have also thanked the President for ensuring that carders are removed from markets, stating that they are now able to trade peacefully without threats.

Others that were present were Mary Kaunda a newly recruited teacher, innovators in different sectors and artists.