New administration praised 

Stakeholders in Zimba district Southern Province have praised the new administration for the many achievements scored in the one year in office.

A Senior citizen, James Mainza said President Hakainde Hichilema and his administration have scored many landmark achievements such as the recruitment of over 30,000 teachers as well as 11,276 health workers.

Mr. Mainza told ZANIS in an interview that the increment of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to over K25 million will also have an impact on the lives of Zambian people.

He added that government has also shown fiscal discipline in the way it is handling public resources.

“This UPND government is very serious in improving the livelihoods of the people. It is scoring in many sectors like education, health, energy etc,” he stated.

And Chief Sipatunyana of the Toka-leya speaking people said education and health are key ingredients for sustainable national development.

He said the free education policy introduced by the new administration has widely been appreciated by the Zambian people.

Meanwhile, Zimba District Commissioner (DC), Rabison Mulamfu said government is committed and determined to ensure that it delivers development to all parts of the country.