All 248 new teachers report for work in Kalulushi

Education authorities in Kalulushi have commended the government for recruiting 248 teachers in the district in the Copperbelt province.

Kalulushi District Education Standards Officer, Joseph Saili, said his office was happy with the allocation of 248 teachers to the district from the recently recruited over 30,000 teachers in the countryside.

Mr. Saili told ZANIS in an interview that the 248 newly recruited teachers will help improve the low staffing levels in various schools.

He disclosed that all the 248 new teachers have since reported for work and sent to their stations.

Mr. Saili further commended the government for introducing the free education policy which has helped vulnerable families.

He said the Ministry of Education in Kalulushi now has 42,000 pupils, representing an increase of 4,000 to the 38,000 children in school last year.