Luanshya bakery outlet gutted

Fire yesterday swept through Luanshya bakery’s Zaone outlet, a renowned confectionery restaurant in Luanshya district.

The fire is suspected to have been caused by an electric fault after an electrical malfunction in the store.

Some equipment and other materials worth an undisclosed amount of money have been destroyed in the infernal.

A spot check at the store revealed a charred kitchen and storeroom while the restaurant was partially burnt with part of the machinery and food staffs destroyed.

Bakery Managing Director Nico Taktikos disclosed that the fire began in the early hours of yesterday between 01:00 and 02:00 hours.

Mr. Taktikos, who declined to comment further, said he could not ascertain the value of the destroyed property as the company was still assessing the extent of damage caused by the fire.

The fire was quenched by the local fire brigade and no people were injured.