Lusaka PEO dispels pupil withdraw rumours

Lusaka Province Education Officer (PEO), Allan Lingambe has dispelled stories circulating on social media that parents are withdrawing their children from government schools in Lusaka owing to overcrowding and shortage of desks.

Dr. Lingambe said contrary to the social media reports, Lusaka Province has witnessed a continued increase in enrolment levels in public schools following the introduction of the free education policy.

The PEO told ZANIS that there is no evidence that pupils are being withdrawn from government schools.

He stated that the government is in the process of procuring desks to address the shortage of desks in the province to improve the quality of education.

Dr. Lingambe further said the free education policy has seen school dropouts go back to school because of the privilege that has been provided for them to attain education.

He has since urged parents and guardians to exercise patience as the ministry implements measures to accommodate all pupils by creating space and getting enough furniture for all schools.

“If the parents feel it is necessary to move their children from government to private schools due to overcrowding, then they can take that decision but we are putting measures in place to help the schools accommodate all pupils,” he said.

Government introduced the free education policy which has seen high enrolment levels in public schools across the country.