Human-animal conflict retarding agriculture productivity in Milenge 

Farmers in Milenge district in Luapula Province have bemoaned the rise in the human-domesticated animal conflict in the area.

The farmers said the human-animal conflict is hindering their productivity. 

ZANIS reports that this came to light when the Milenge District Food Security Pack Committee met farmers in Mulumbi Ward for the verification of wetlands farming inputs beneficiaries. 

Maybin Mwambwe, one of the affected farmers, complained that he has been facing challenges with increasing his productivity as pigs always eat his crops. 

Mr. Mwambwe called on authorities to stiffen the law on livestock rearing guidelines so as to reduce human-animal conflict in the area. 

“I grow garden eggplants and rape but pigs have been eating my crops. This is such a drawback,” he lamented. 

Milenge District Commissioner, Allan Mutale, cautioned livestock farmers in the area to adhere to regulations regarding livestock farming. 

Mr. Mutale urged livestock farmers to construct kraals where they can keep their animals.  

He stated that failure by livestock farmers to follow regulations will attract drastic government measures such as shooting of stray livestock. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Mutale assured farmers that the government is in the process of improving the road network in the district. 

He said Milenge Town Council has procured earth moving equipment using Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

The equipment will be used to construct roads in the area. 

“Having a proper road network in Milenge will ensure farmers have easy access to markets. We want our farmers to be able to transport your produce to commercial centres with ease,” he said.