Dog bites enumerator in Limulunga

An enumerator in the ongoing census of population and housing in Limulunga district in Western Province is nursing wounds after she was bitten by a dog while on duty.

Particulars of the incident are that Diana Yowano was bitten by a dog when she knocked on the door of one of the houses in Ushaa ward.

Three dogs are said to have suddenly appeared from somewhere as she was knocking on the door and one of them bit her on the buttocks.

In an interview with ZANIS, an aunt to the victim, Kandonga Yowano, said on Friday last week around 13:00 hours, she received a phone call from her niece who said she had been bitten by a dog at some village.

Ms. Yowano, who is the guardian to the victim, said at the time of the incident, the household was deserted.

“The girl was bitten by a dog on the buttocks. Apparently there was no one in the village at the time,” she narrated.

Ms. Yowano said she then informed Ushaa War Councilor, the District Administrative Officer and the Census Coordinator who facilitated her pick up from Kaundwama station in the Sikusi area where she was deployed.

She explained that her niece was taken to Mongu district hospital but there was no prescribed medicine.

The victim was instead given a prescription for five anti-rabies injections which she is currently receiving.

Her guardian complained that the anti-rabies medicine is expensive for her.

Ms. Yowano however disclosed that her niece has since been redeployed to continue with work because she needs money to further her education at tertiary level.

And Limulunga District Commissioner, Lutangu Lutangu, called on residents to support the enumerators as they are discharging their duty in the field.

Mr. Lutangu said there were reports indicating that some people in certain areas had initially refused to be counted but later accepted.

He has since urged the members of the public to welcome the enumerators when they reach their homes.

He explained that the census of population and housing was an important exercise that will enable government to know the population it need to help in channeling development.

“Through this process, the government is able to know the specific needs of particular communities, whether an area needs schools, medical facilities or other amenities,” he said.

Mr. Lutangu further said the census exercise also determines which areas need delimitation hence the need to support it.

Government announced that the 2022 census of population exercise, which started on 18th August in most parts of the country, will run until 14th September 2022.