Govt resolved to providing health services for all

Government says it will continue to improve health service delivery to all Zambians irrespective of one’s religion, creed, race or political affiliation.

Shiwang`andu District Commissioner (DC) Maureen Bwembya says a lot of lives have been lost since COVID -19 was declared a pandemic and the world at large.

Ms Bwembya explains he said it is for this reason that Government with support from co-operating partners has embarked on vaccination campaigns.

She said this in a speech read on her behalf by Shiwang`andu District Acting Labour Officer Stella Muntanga during the Mini Launch of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign which was held in Mwaba-wankulungwe Village held under the theme:  ”Roll up your sleeve, fight covid-19 and take the vaccine”.

The DC added that the vaccination exercise will help  to ensure that people are protected from Covid-19 by getting vaccinated against the deadly disease.

She said the mini launch is in readiness with the forthcoming  COVID – 19 National Launch set to be held on 26th September 2022.

“Despite having reduced numbers of COVID–19 cases, the pandemic possess a threat to the social-economic and wellbeing of the people especially the people of Shiwang`andu , ” said Ms. Bwembya.

From the time the pandemic broke out about 17, 000 people in Shiwang`andu district have undergone a COVID-19 test and more than 3,000 people have tested positive.

“Am aware of some myths and misconceptions on covid-19 vaccine, it is for this reason that I would like to implore on everyone to seek correct information from Health practitioners instead of just basing your decisions on social media and hear says, “  Ms. Bwembya said.

And the District Health Office in Shiwang`andu has vaccinated about  37, 000 people against the pandemic representing 43 percent % of the District Population from the time Covid-19 was declared a Pandemic.

Shiwang`andu District COVID-19 Program Officer Maxwell Chongo who revealed said that more than 50, 000 people are earmarked to be vaccinated against covid-19 in order to achieve the set target of 70% of the District Population ahead of the  vaccination exercise.

Shiwang`andu District has not done well in the previous COVID-19 vaccination campaigns , he explained hence the area holding the Mini Launch of the vaccination campaign.

“COVID–19 vaccination is ongoing, adding that even after the launch people should feel free to visit the Health facilities for vaccination” Said Mr. Chongo.

Meanwhile, some residents of Mwaba-wankulungwe Village  have encouraged other residents in the district to get vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to be protected from the Virus.