Male enumerator assaulted in Itezhi Tezhi

A man from Muwezwa chiefdom in Itezhi -Tezhi Town, Southern district has allegedly beaten up a male enumerator in Makunku ward in Southern Province.

Mr. Molten Shinkabala allegedly beat up the named male enumerator after  chasing him away from his wife during the interview at their home in Makunku.

ZANIS reports that Chieftainess  Muwezwa has  confirmed in an interview  adding that the incident took place last week although the said enumerator was unhurt.

“There was an incident where a male enumerator wanted to chase the husband while he was interviewing them, but the man ( husband ) became enraged and beat him up.

“The man may have had evil intentions, because why did he want to chase after the husband and only stay with his wife?”  said Chieftainess Muwezwa.

She said that the victim was forced to continue working in the same area but was warned not to engage in unethical behavior.

The traditional leader has since advised enumerators to follow the professional and ethical standards outlined job descriptions before beginning the program to avoid conflicts in areas they are covering.

She said that doing so will help people gain trust in the enumerators and reduce resistance from community members